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GIS In Real Estate

GIS or Geographic Information Systems and related app’s give WCI the edge in finding the right location. Specifically, GIS applications allow WCI to analyze visualization, detect marketing patterns, development trends and understand the 3 D’s. A successful location for any retail site selection requires one to know its neighborhood housing Density, Distance to its competition and its Demographic data. Real Estate markets are always changing; therefore to get the right location in the path of development requires GIS knowledge. WCI uses ESRI ArcMap system and can quickly find, define, share, and work smarter.

To be a successful real estate company in today’s competitive market one must understand and use this technology. The real value comes from not only knowing the physical location but the insight and timing of the market conditions.

The Power of Real Estate Site Selection comes from a brokers local /regional knowledge and the use of GIS which lets us visualize, question, analyze and interpret digital datasets.

Today’s real estate market requires a data-driven approach to evaluate and validate your assumptions during the Due Diligence Period.

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